Annual Oral Health Care

Annual Oral Health Care for Pets

While oral health may seem mysterious to many pet owners, yearly assessments, coupled with the power of dental radiographs, offer remarkable benefits in detecting hidden dental issues, preventing pain and discomfort, ensuring precise diagnoses, and ultimately paving the way for healthier and happier smiles.

Hidden Dental Issues

Annual comprehensive oral health assessments with dental radiographs have the ability to unmask hidden dental issues in dogs and cats. While external examination can reveal visible problems, such as tartar buildup or gum inflammation, dental radiographs provide a behind-the-scenes look at the teeth, roots, and jawbone. These images expose hidden issues like tooth fractures, abscesses, or impacted teeth that may not be apparent during a surface-level assessment. By detecting these problems early, appropriate treatment can be initiated, preventing pain, infection, and potential tooth loss.


Treating and Preventing Pain

Comprehensive oral health assessments with dental radiographs prioritize the well-being of our furry friends by preventing pain and discomfort. Dental injuries and disease can cause significant pain that may go unnoticed, especially in our stoic pets. Dental radiographs reveal underlying issues that could be causing discomfort, allowing for targeted treatment and relief. By addressing these problems proactively, we can ensure that our pets enjoy pain-free chewing, a healthy appetite, and a better overall quality of life.


Accurate Diagnoses and Treatment

The power of dental radiographs lies in their ability to provide accurate diagnoses and facilitate precise treatment plans for dogs and cats. These images offer detailed insights into the internal structures of the teeth, roots, and surrounding tissues. By combining this information with a comprehensive oral examination, our board certified veterinary dentistry team can make accurate diagnoses, determine the extent of dental disease, and develop personalized treatment strategies. Dental radiographs allow for precise planning of procedures such as extractions, root canals, or periodontal treatments, ensuring optimal outcomes and reducing the risk of complications.


Safeguarding Overall Health

Annual comprehensive oral health assessments with dental radiographs serve as a safeguard for the overall health of dogs and cats. Dental issues can have far-reaching effects on the body, as oral infections can spread bacteria to other organs, potentially causing systemic health problems. By thoroughly assessing the oral cavity and detecting dental disease early, these assessments help prevent the spread of bacteria and reduce the risk of complications such as endocarditis, kidney disease, or liver infections. By prioritizing oral health, we contribute to the overall well-being of our pets and ensure a healthier and longer life by addressing potential health issues proactively.


Annual comprehensive oral health assessments with dental radiographs are essential care for our animal companions. These assessments uncover hidden dental problems, prevent pain and discomfort, enable accurate diagnoses, and safeguard overall health. By embracing these assessments, we unlock the secrets behind our pets’ smiles and pave the way for brighter, healthier, and happier lives. Missoula Veterinary Dentistry is proud to help your family prioritize pet oral health. Together, we can ensure optimal dental well-being for our beloved dogs and cats, enhancing their lives one smile at a time.