Anesthetic Care

Veterinary Anesthesia

When it comes to maintaining our family pets’ oral health, regular dental care are essential. However, the process involves more than just a simple scrape and polish. Anesthesia plays a vital role in ensuring a thorough and safe veterinary dental cleaning experience for cats and dogs.

Stress-Free Environment

One of the primary advantages of using anesthesia during dental cleanings is the creation of a stress-free environment for our furry friends. Cats and dogs may experience fear, anxiety, and resistance when faced with unfamiliar procedures. Anesthesia allows them to be comfortably evaluated and treated, eliminating fear and stress during the dental cleaning process. This enables the veterinary team to work efficiently and perform a thorough cleaning without causing distress to the pet. Anesthesia ensures a calm and cooperative experience, contributing to a positive dental visit for our furry companions.

Pain Management and Comfort

Dental cleanings involve more than just surface cleaning. The procedure often requires the physical removal of potentially harmful bacteria below the gumline, where plaque and tartar accumulate and lead to pocket formation. Anesthesia provides a pain-free experience for the pet, allowing the veterinary team to perform a comprehensive cleaning that includes scaling and probing beneath the gumline. Our pain management protocols are tailored to each individual and ensure the pet’s comfort throughout the procedure, as any discomfort or sensitivity is effectively alleviated. By addressing dental issues without causing pain, anesthesia enables thorough treatment and promotes the overall well-being of our beloved pets.


Safety and Precision

Anesthesia ensures the safety and precision necessary for a successful dental care. It allows the veterinary team to perform a meticulous examination of the oral cavity, including dental X-rays, which are crucial for identifying hidden dental problems. The accuracy of evaluation required for optimal oral health can be achieved more effectively under anesthesia. With the pet safely anesthetized, the veterinary team can navigate the mouth without hindrance, ensuring a thorough removal of plaque, tartar, and any other dental deposits. Anesthesia also allows for the performance of necessary treatment procedures with precision, speed and minimal discomfort.


Monitoring and Care

At Missoula Veterinary Dentistry, every pet that undergoes general anesthesia receives constant monitoring and dedicated care by trained veterinary professionals. This includes monitoring vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, CO2 and oxygen levels, as well as ensuring proper anesthesia depth and administering any necessary medications. The veterinary team can respond promptly to any changes in the pet’s condition and adjust anesthesia levels as needed. This meticulous monitoring and attentive care help ensure the pet’s safety and well-being throughout the dental cleaning procedure.


Highest Level Care for High Risk Patients

Dr. Martin Kennedy, a board certified veterinary anesthesiologist, is available at many levels of care to apply the highest expertise to our anesthetic care. Dr. Kennedy can be consulted for tailored protocols, and even remote anesthetic monitoring during your pet’s entire procedure. We are grateful for Dr. Kennedy’s expertise and availability to help us provide the best care possible for patients with above average anesthetic needs. Any family can choose to have Dr. Kennedy involved in their pet’s dental care procedure, so please feel free to mention Dr. Kennedy’s services in your consultation.


Anesthesia plays a pivotal role in canine and feline dental cleanings, providing a stress-free environment, pain management, safety, and precision. By utilizing anesthesia, we can ensure a thorough and comfortable dental cleaning experience for our beloved pets. The use of anesthesia enables the veterinary team to perform a comprehensive evaluation, deep cleaning, and necessary treatments while maintaining the pet’s comfort and well-being.