Who Are the Best Pet Groomers in Missoula?

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Who Are the Best Pet Groomers in Missoula?

Keeping your pet looking and feeling their best is more than daily exercise, yummy snacks, or expert dental care. We can keep our furry friends healthy by giving them regular baths, brushing out their coats, and trimming their nails. Not only will they be feeling their best, but they will look their best. So get them a groom, head out on the town, snap some pictures, and wait for the compliments to roll in! 


Why Grooming Your Pet Is Important

Unlike cats, dogs do not groom themselves. Their true preference (as most dog owners can attest) is to roll around in something stinky. Giving dogs regular baths protects their skin and coat, and keeps your home free from germs. 


Grooming Prevents Hair Matting

If you have a long-haired cat or dog, taking them to the groomer is a good idea. Infrequent brushing can result in matted fur, and if the mats become too tight or too large they can start to impact your pet’s health. 

  • Dirt and debris can get stuck in matted fur, causing infections.
  • Tight mats can cause the hair to be pulled out by the roots, resulting in bruises or bald spots. 
  • Brushing them out can cause skin bruising, and your pet might get cut if you try to remove them with scissors. 


Your Pet Gets Professional Nail Trimming

Leaving your pet’s nails too long can cause pain and discomfort. In the wild, their day-to-day activities would naturally keep their nails at a shorter length. 

But pressure on the toes from long nails leads to pain while walking and can even cause bruising or fracturing of the toe bones. And extra-long nails that start to curl can puncture the paws, leading to pain and infections. 

Trimming your pet’s nails too short could cause painful side effects as well. If you have a wriggly pet that’s not fond of pedicures, don’t risk hurting them. Take them to a groomer to get their nails trimmed.


The Best Pet Groomers in Missoula


Full-Service Grooming

A full-service groom includes a wash, brush down, and nail trim. These spa treatments are performed by professionals who are trained in caring for different hair types, skin problems, and behaviors. 


These licensed and friendly groomers give your dog expert treatment. Their basic bath will ensure that your pup is free from dirt and grime and that their nails are trimmed to perfection. They also offer tooth brushing, giving you more time in your day! 

Yay Puppy Grooming

Owned and operated by a dog trainer, your pup is in excellent hands at Yay Puppy. Their basic service starts with a two-hour groom, so you know your dog will be thoroughly washed, brushed, and looking their best.

Self-Service Grooming

Places that offer self-service grooming do not have professionals who do the bathing and brushing for you. Instead, they allow you access to the equipment you need to groom your dog yourself. 

Most self-service groomers offer access to a risen bathtub, blow dryers, and sometimes shampoos. This is the perfect option for those who are able and willing to bathe their own dogs, but do not have the space to do so at home.

Central Bark Grooming and Dog Wash

This delightful dog grooming center offers self-service and full grooming services! Equipped with large raised tubs that have ramps to help pets get into them, they also supply shampoos, conditioners, and brushes. Last but not least, they clean up for you. No more wet towels to launder, or fishing pet hair out of the drain! 

Showcase Pet Grooming

Their self-service area features large tubs with safety tethers, portable stars so you do not need to lift large animals, as well as a slew of other tools to help you groom your pet. They also offer full grooming services if you prefer. 


Grooming and Dental Care Both Keep Your Pet Healthy

Brushing your pet’s fur is just as important as brushing their teeth. And just like neglecting to brush your pet’s fur can lead to discomfort, so can neglecting to brush their teeth. Cavities and gum disease can cause considerable pain as well as infections. Pets with poor oral health may even need surgery. A veterinary dentist can work with you to help ensure your pet’s oral health. 

At Missoula Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery, we specialize in dental treatments for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. We make it easy to get your pet’s teeth cleaned. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 



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