Help Animals in Need at These Shelters Near Missoula

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Help Animals in Need at These Shelters Near Missoula

According to statistics gathered by Best Friend’s Animal Society, in 2022 Missoula County Animal Shelters took in 3,037 animals and out of those, 2,924 dogs and cats were saved. All the shelters listed below are No-Kill, meaning they do not euthanize animals due to overcrowding. Still, our shelters cannot do what they do without the support of the community. We have gathered a list of shelters in and around Missoula and included links to their websites and a list of fundraising events coming up. Not in Missoula? Visit this link to find a shelter near you.

Animal Shelter Volunteer Opportunities Near Missoula

1. Humane Society of Western Montana (HSWM)

2. AniMeals

3. Bitter Root Humane Association (BRHA)

4. Missoula City-County Animal Control 

  • Visit the Health Department website here

Animal Fundraising Events in Spring/Summer 2024

  • March 11th – Toast the Town Pint Night @ GILD 5pm-8pm – $1 from every pint sold goes to the HSWM
  • April 5th – Pint Night for Pets @ Blacksmith Brewing, Stevensville – $1 from every beer sold goes to benefit the Bitterroot Humane Association + Raffle and 50/50 Draw
  • April 6th – Slumber Pawty with the BRHA
  • April 13th – HSWM Annual Benefit Fundraiser at the Wilma – Tickets
  • August 24th – Pet Fest @ Caras Park

For other events like Vaccine Clinics and Adoption Events, visit:

BRHA Events Calendar

HSWM Events Calendar

Health Department Event Calendar


Rescues 2 the Rescue

Best Friend’s Animal Society


Petfinder *Not just for adoptions! Can search for Rescues and Shelters.

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